Board Action Summary
May 13, 2003 Meeting of the Board of Education

Ron Ottinger, John de Beck, Ed Lopez, Frances O'Neill Zimmerman and Katherine Nakamura present.

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The following appointment was made 5-0 with effective date to be determined:

Donald Braun, from assistant school police chief to school police chief, School Police Services, Office of the Superintendent.

Major agenda items included:

The board voted 5-0 for the Resolution in the Matter of the Recognition of May 13, 2003, as San Diego City Schools Day of the Teacher. (C.3)

The board voted 5-0 for the Title I Eligibility Ranking and Participation Plan, 2003-04, with the addition of Point Loma High School. (E.2.c)

The board voted 5-0 for the Annual Instructional Facilities Allocation Report for 2003-04. (E.5.j)

The board voted 3-2, with Zimmerman and de Beck voting no, for the Blueprint for Student Success, 2003-04. (E.5.k)

The board voted 5-0 to amend the modifications to site leadership selection processes item to read "Request to waive two-year minimum experience requirement except for middle and high school principal candidates in favor of a one-year minimum (ten months) experience requirement." The board then voted 4-1, with Zimmerman voting no, for the modifications to site leadership selection processes. (E.5.l)

The board voted 5-0 for the Resolution Declaring Public necessity for the Acquisition of Property for the Expansion of Lincoln High School and Authorizing Proceedings in Eminent Domain. (Proposition MM Fund 2Z) (E.6.b)

The board held certain items, including the district budget adoption under the single budget adoption cycle (E.2.b) and the Establishment of a Board of Education Audit Committee (G.4), which will be brought back to the board on May 27 for action.


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