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Clear Spacer Board Meeting Reports
for April 10, 2007
Agenda Adobe PDF | Summaries Adobe PDF | Actions | Minutes Adobe PDF
7.b.1 Adobe PDF
(7 MB)
Public Hearing to Consider the Petition and Charter for High Tech High K-8 Quarry Falls.
7.b.2 Adobe PDF
Public Hearing to Consider the Petition and Charter for Insight School of California, San Diego County Campus.
7.b.3 Adobe PDF
Acceptance of School Assistance and Intervention Team (SAIT) Fourth Progress Report for Euclid Elementary.
7.b.4 Adobe PDF
2006 Academic Performance Index (API) Base Report.
8.b.4 Adobe PDF
Approval of Interdivisional Curriculum Committee (ICC) Recommendations of two requests to change the Uniform Course File.
8.b.37 Adobe PDF
Approval of newly-developed Discretionary Block Grant Plans for 2006-07 for ten (10) schools: Cherokee Point, Chollas/Mead, Juarez, Linda Vista, Ocean Beach, Spreckels, Wegeforth, A.L.B.A., Kearny/Science, Connections & Technology and University City High School.
8.c.24 Adobe PDF
Ratify Purchase Orders in excess of $69,000 for materials, supplies and services or in excess of $15,000 for public works projects for the period of February 19, 2007 through March 11, 2007, under contracts previously approved by the Board of Education.
8.c.25 Adobe PDF
Ratify Purchase Orders less than $69,000 for materials, supplies and services or less than $15,000 for public works projects for the period of February 19, 2007 through March 11, 2007.
8.c.26 Adobe PDF
Authorize the rejection of all bids received in response to invitation for Bids No. 67-33-25, for the purchase of 18 school buses. The reasons for the rejection of Bids are as follows: authorize the rejection of the first low bidder West Coach Corporation for the following reasons: Bidder submitted a Body Plan schematic drawing which stated that 45 seats were not available yet and require testing; Bidder submitted a document with Bid stating that the specified bus delivery dates could not be met unless the District issued a purchase order to the vendor by March 12, 2007. Authorize the rejection of the second low bidder BusWest for the following reasons: Bidder failed to submit Addendum No. 5 with its bid; Bidder failed to submit required Quotation sheet with its bid.
8.c.28 Adobe PDF
Jefferson Elementary School Expansion Project.
Ratification of Delegation of Authority Resolutions to reflect new job titles that were established as a result of the Maintenance and Operations Department reorganization approved by the Board of Education on February 27, 2007. These resolutions are part of the annual delegation of authority resolutions submitted in June each year for the following fiscal year. Several resolutions require updating in order to grant authority to the newly established positions: Executive Director, Facilities; Director, Physical Plant Operations; and/or Director, Facilities Planning and Construction.
8.d.32 Adobe PDF
Disclosure of District Investments and Cash on Hand.
8.d.33 Adobe PDF
Approval of the 2007-08 Civic Center Rate and Balboa Stadium Rental Rate Schedules.
8.d.38 Adobe PDF
Resolution In the Matter of Health Sciences High School and Middle College Establishing A Separate Fund in the San Diego County Treasury.
8.d.39 Adobe PDF
Resolution In the Matter of Arroyo Paseo Charter High School Establishing A Separate Fund in the San Diego County Treasury.
8.e Adobe PDF
Special Education Quarterly Report of Compliance Complaints Received/Resolved.
9.d Adobe PDF
Proposal to Implement Paperless Board Meetings.
12.b Adobe PDF
Resolution in the Matter of Support of Alcoholic Beverage Tax: Alcopops.
12.c Adobe PDF
Approval of Revised Schedule of Public Board of Education meetings for the period July through December 2007.

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