Board Action Summary
for July 23, 2007

Luis Acle, John de Beck, Shelia Jackson, Mitz Lee and Katherine Nakamura present.

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The board made the following appointments 5-0, with effective dates to be determined:

Boyd, Rupi -- Principal, Mann Expression

Frain, Bob -- Principal, Wegeforth Elementary School

Madden, Kurt -- Principal, Mann Expedition

Jones, Stacy -- Principal, Miller Elementary School

Sachs, Joel -- Principal, Boone Elementary School

Alluin, Laura -- Vice Principal, Baker Elementary School

Barnes, Leslie -- Vice Principal, Kroc Middle School

Barry, Dawn -- Vice Principal, Cherokee Point Elementary School

Belsan, Tanya -- Vice Principal, Tierrasanta Elementary

Carr, Sharon -- Vice Principal, Marshall Elementary School

Jimenez, James -- Vice Principal, Zamorano Elementary School

King, John -- Vice Principal, Scripps Ranch High School

Krey, Nicola -- Vice Principal, Taft Middle School

Manriquez, Consuelo -- Vice Principal, Correia Middle School

Martin, Geoffrey -- Vice Principal, Monroe Clark Middle School

Martinez, Emma -- Vice Principal, University City High School

Meng, Kimberly -- Vice Principal, Monroe Clark Middle School

Mercier, Rita -- Vice Principal, Pacific Beach Middle School

Mihalka, Brian -- Vice Principal, University City High School

Montes, Fred -- Vice Principal, Kimbrough Elementary School

Nydam, Julie -- Vice Principal, Pt. Loma High School

Petersen, Frank -- Vice Principal, Perkins Elementary School

Sanchez, Diana -- Vice Principal, Longfellow

Small, Jean -- Vice Principal, Bell Jr. High School

Stepner, Josh -- Vice Principal, Serra High School

Major agenda items:

The Board voted 5-0 to:

Approve the Instruction Report