Board Action Summary
for October 9, 2007

Luis Acle, John de Beck, Katherine Nakamura and Mitz Lee present.

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The board made the following appointments/reassignments 4-0, with effective dates to be determined:

Ellis, Lisa, from Facilitator of Curriculum, Cajon Valley Union School District, to Vice Principal, Mission Bay High School, effective date to be determined.

Garrison-Arce, Cynthia, from Executive Director, Garfield Charter School, Redwood City School District, to Principal, Language Academy, effective date to be determined.

Gerde, Glenda, from Vice Principal, Golden Hill Elementary School, to Principal, Loma Portal Elementary, effective date to be determined.

Gonzalez, Sylvia, from Principal, Balboa Elementary, to Director, Child Development, effective date to be determined.

Murchison, Derek, from In-School Resource Teacher, to Vice Principal, Oak Park Elementary, effective date to be determined.

Major agenda items:

The Board voted 4-0 to Approve:

7.a.1 Approval of Provisional Internship Permit for a teacher assigned to severe shortage areas.

7.b Approval of Resolution in the Matter of Accepting the Surrender ofthe Charter of Children’s Conservation Academy

7.d Authorization to transfer funds among block grant/categorical programs for 2007-08 allowed under the AB 825 Categorical Education Block Grant legislation (Education Code Section 41500c)

12.b Schedule of Public Board of Education Meetings for the Period January through June, 2008

12.c. Approval of National School Boards Association (NSBA) affiliate membership to the Council of Urban Boards of Education for the period January 1, 2008 through December 31, 2008