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Board Actions
for July 8, 2008

Luis Acle, John de Beck, Shelia Jackson, Mitz Lee and Katherine Nakamura present.

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The board made the following appointments/reassignments, with effective dates to be determined:

BALLARD, Elizabeth, Vice Principal, San Diego High School

BARAJAS-AGUIRRE, Georgina, Vice Principal, Scripps Ranch High School

BECKER, Hans, Vice Principal, Point Loma High School

BELLOFATTO, Laura, Vice Principal, Morse High School

BELSAN, Tanya, Principal, Oak Park Elementary School

BRESEE, Mark, General Counsel

BRIDI, Julia, Vice Principal, Jerabek Elementary School

BURKS, Tony, High School Improvement Officer

BUSTANI, Tavga, Principal, Edison Elementary School

CABALLERO, Edward, Principal, Sherman Elementary School

DA ROSA, Linette, Principal, Baker Elementary School

DOWER, Jill, Vice Principal, Morse High School

DOWNEY, David, Principal, Hearst Elementary School

DRAPEAU, Marco, Vice Principal, Pacific Beach Middle School

EASTCOTT, Heidi, Principal, Standley Middle School

FITZPATRICK, Beverly, Vice Principal, Patrick Henry High School

GALLAGHER, Kathleen, Vice Principal, Bell Middle School

GALLARDO, Robert, Vice Principal, Wangenheim Middle School

GOMEZ, Maria, Principal, Ericson Elementary School

HERNANDEZ, Jane, Vice Principal, LCI

HIGA, Godwin, Principal, Cherokee Point Elementary School

HILLIER, Scott, Vice Principal, Garfield High School

JACOBY, James, Vice Principal, SCPA High School

JIMENEZ, James, Principal, Lee Elementary School

KENT, Susan, Vice Principal, Scripps Ranch High School

KING, John, Vice Principal, Scripps Ranch High School

LADD, Patricia, Principal, Correia Middle School

LEWIS, Peggy, Principal, Toler Elementary School

MAHAN, Stephanie, Principal, Carver Elementary School

MARIN, Marisol, Vice Principal, Webster Elementary School

MARTIN, Milton, Vice Principal, ALBA

MARTIN, Suzanne, Principal, Lafayette Elementary School

MCGRADE, Sylvia, Vice Principal, Central Elementary School

MERINO, Mitzi, Elementary School Improvement Officer

MOORE, Kimberly, Principal, Doyle Elementary School

MURPHY, Heidi, Vice Principal, University City High School

OLIVERO, Jeff, High School Improvement Officer

OLSEN, Lorelei, Principal, Tierrasanta Elementary School

OMOGBEHIN, Esther, Principal, Mann Middle School

PARK, Edward, Principal, Barnard Elementary School

PENFOLD, Deborah, Vice Principal, CPMA

REMILLARD, Ernie, Vice Principal, Pacific Beach Middle School

REMINGTON, Bonnie, Principal, Hancock Elementary School

RHOADES, Gretchen, Vice Principal, Mission Bay High School

RHODE, Deanne, Principal, Lindbergh Schweitzer Elementary School

RYAN, Lynn, Vice Principal, Taft Middle School

SLOAN, Liz, Vice Principal, Wangenheim Middle School

STERN, Robin, Principal, Field Elementary School

TAGGART, Linda, Principal, Curriculum and Instruction

TENORIO, Judy, Principal on Special Assignment, TBD

WARDLOW, Janie, Principal, Washington Elementary School

ZANDS, Vicki, Vice Principal, Mira Mesa High School

Major agenda items:

The Board voted to approve:

  • E.01) Tentative Agreement with SDEA - Fourteen Additional Work Days and Packing and Moving
  • (E.04) District's Initial Proposal to OTBS for 2008-09 Reopeners
  • (E.05) Tentative Agreement with SDEA Article 12 -- Transfer Policies Post and Bid
  • (F.01) Restructuring plans, plan summaries, and addenda for eight District schools in Program Improvement status.
  • (G.01) Facility Condition Assessment Study; Major Repair and Replacement Ten Year Plan; and Major/Repair and Replacement 2008-09 Implementation Plan; Approved the ICOC Recommended Facility Condition Index of 5 percent to percent as a 10-Year Goal.