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Board Actions
for June 9, 2009

Richard Barrera, John De Beck, John Lee Evans, Shelia Jackson and Katherine Nakamura were present.

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Student Presentation

Performance by choir from San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts (SCPA).

The board made the following appointments/reassignments, with effective dates to be determined:

  • Barajas-Aguirre, Georgina, to Principal, Memorial Preparatory for Scholars and Athletes
  • Henestroza, Monica, from Manager, Legislative Affairs, to Director, Government Relations
  • Lathan, Grenita, to Chief Elementary School Improvement Officer
  • Salazar, Ysidro, from Chief Middle School Improvement Officer to Chief Secondary School Officer
  • Yarroll, Anne, from Project Resource Teacher, Teacher Preparation and Student Support, to Program Manager, Teacher Preparation and Induction
  • In addition, with the exception of Georgina Barajas-Aguirre, all vice-principals were reassigned to classroom teacher

Major agenda items:

The Board voted to approve the following items:

  • F.02. Revisions to Board Governance Policy Statements, Results and Operational Expectations.
  • F.03. Voluntary Recognition Agreement between San Diego Unified School District and Administrators Association San Diego.
  • F.05. Resolutions in the Matter of the Elimination of Classified Services.
  • G.01. Resolution Directing the Superintendent to Develop an Implementation Plan for University of California (UC) 'a-g' for All Students beginning with the 2010-11 school year.
  • G.02. Corrective Action Plans for District Schools in Program Improvement (PI) Year 3 (Carson, Edison, Horton, and Rosa Parks elementary schools; Language Academy; Lewis, Pershing, and Wangenheim middle schools; San Diego Communications, Investigations in a Multicultural Atmosphere [CIMA] and San Diego Media, Visual, and Performing Arts [MVPA] high schools). Status and Restructuring Proposals for District Schools in PI Year 4 Status (Encanto Elementary School; Creative, Performing and Media Arts [CPMA] Middle School; and Clairemont High School).
  • G.03. Approval of State-Required Single Plans For Student Achievement for the 2009-10 School Year
  • G.04. Volunteer Screening, Amendment to District Policy F-5800, Resource Persons/Volunteers