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Board Actions
for June 16, 2009

Richard Barrera, John De Beck, John Lee Evans, Shelia Jackson and Katherine Nakamura were present.

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The board made the following appointments/reassignments, with effective dates to be determined:

  • Azfazadour, Timothy, from Certificated Staffing Administrator to Human Resources Officer.
  • Barry, Carol, from Chief Elementary School Officer, to Principal, Bird Rock Elementary.
  • Batey, Jeanne, from Classified Human Resources Director, Hayward Unified School District, to Human Resources Officer, effective date to be determined.
  • Burns, Kathy, from Vice Principal, Wilson Middle School, to Principal, Gage Elementary School.
  • Cross, Evva, from Principal, Porter Elementary School, to Principal, Holmes Elementary School.
  • Dale, Chip, from principal, Green Elementary School, to Principal, Garfield Elementary School.
  • Foster, Debbie, from Budget Supervisor to Manager, Financial Planning.
  • Gallagher, Mary Beth, from Certificated Staffing Administrator, to Human Resources Officer.
  • Grano, Robert, from Principal, Wangenheim Middle School, to School Improvement Officer.
  • Jackson, Lamont, from Certificated Staffing Administrator, to Principal, Wangenheim Middle School.
  • Khajavi, Hediah, from Principal Human Resources Specialist, Los Angeles Unified School District, to Human Resources Officer.
  • Kissel, Ryan, from Vice Principal, Emerson/Bandini Elementary, to Principal, Sequoia Elementary.
  • Lewis, Yolanda, from Principal, Rolando Park Elementary, to Principal, Hancock Elementary.
  • Lopez, Kimberly, from Vice Principal, Encanto Elementary, to Principal, Hawthorne Elementary.
  • Martin, Milton, from Vice Principal, ALBA, to Principal, Oak Park Elementary.
  • McCabe, Jackie, from Principal, Cadman Elementary, to Principal, Sunset View Elementary.
  • Powell, Rita, from Vice Principal, Logan School, to Principal, Jones Elementary.
  • Robertson, Monique, from Principal, School of Law and Business at Crawford High Educational Complex, to Principal, Grant K-8 School.
  • Robinson, Yesenia, from Principal, Marshall Elementary, to Principal, Field Elementary.
  • Soria, Flavia, from Principal, Longfellow School, to Principal, Kimbrough Elementary.
  • Takeshita, Eric, from Principal, Bay Park Elementary, to Principal, Hage Elementary.
  • Wybraniec, Susan, from Executive Director, Human Resources, Tucson Unified School District, to Human Resources Officer.

Major agenda items:

The Board voted to approve the following items:

  • A.05. 2009-10 Budget Adoption, First Reading: The Board members will continue budget deliberations at their next meeting.
  • A.06. Board Direction on Foundation-Funded Teachers: The Board voted to direct the Superintendent to work put together a policy on the issue.