Family Report

   My family came from the Philippines. One of my ancestors is Susan Lamin, and my family got here by plane. Our native food is panute. The native language is tagalong. We bless our family. Our tradition way of dressing is in a suite and a dress. Our ancestors had a hard life. None of our family is famous. We celebrate fiesta.



Family My family from my dad’s side is Filipino. Our family got to the United States by boat. Our native language is Tagalong.

Filipino Foods Foods that my mother and I make at home are Lumpia (Filipino version of Fried Egg Rolls) that we usually make with ground pork, carrots, onions and more mixed altogether in eggs. We also make Pancit Bihon (Traditional rice noodle dish) it is topped with vegetables, pork, chicken pieces, and Chinese sausage. These are dishes that we make on a regular basis, and on special occasions its something that we usually have. Steamed rice is usually what we eat with these dishes but they are also good alone. These are dishes that are usually made in the Philippines and they are also made the same way the groceries are bought from a wet market and not a grocery store because they are cheaper and fresh.Restaurants that I usually go to in San Diego would have to be Golden Chopsticks in National City and I usually would go and get egg flower soup, salted pepper chicken wings, honey walnut shrimp, and steamed rice. I go to Royal Spices Thai Cuisine near Point Loma for garlic chicken that is really and sticky rice and also have thai iced tea. Fusion Café in Clairemont Mesa and I get Banana Snow Bubble boba drinks, fried egg rolls and jalapeño cream cheese wantons. These are the three main places I go to in San Diego that I go to for food or just to hang out.