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Read & Learn

eLearning - Gradebook

Learn how to use Zangle Gradebook by viewing the Zangle Online Tutorials below.

Introduction - Gradebook Features

A - Setup Options

Follow step by step instuctions for initially configuring your Gradebook.

1. Teacher Preferences
2. Setting Class Options
3. Defining Grading Scales
4. Assignment Categories
5. Scoring Options
6. Copying a Class Setup
7. Add/Edit Assignments
8. Copying Assignments

B - Editing Student Grades

Use Spreadsheet, Edit by Student and Edit by Task to input assignment scores.

1. Spreadsheet
2. Edit by Student
3. Edit by Task

Each of the tutorials on this page is a larger version of this example - A step by step guide on how to use a feature in Gradebook.


C - Editing & Posting Marks

The last step - calculate students marks, and post those marks for reporting.

1. Calc/Post Marks

Gradebook Tips & Tricks

Tips, tricks and best practices for using Gradebook.

* Using the Roster
* Awarding Extra Credit
* Determining Your Browser




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