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Learn how to use Zangle by viewing web-based content on demand.
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For Front Office Staff

Introduction to Zangle

Starting Up Zangle TutorialLearn how to Log into Zangle, the basics of the Zangle FrontOffice main window, and how to use the features available in the Student Profile and other Zangle Banner Applications.

Specifications: Links to 3 Flash tutorials, each 4 - 7 minutes

Standards-Based Report Cards New eLearning added 10/14/2010!

Starting Up Zangle TutorialThese tutorials take Front-Office Staff and Teachers through confirming settings, submitting marks and printing Standards-Based Report Cards.

Specifications: Links to 6 Flash tutorials, each 5 - 22 minutes

Elementary Master Schedule Building

Starting Up Zangle TutorialLearn how to Update Faculty, Set up your school's Master Schedule of classes, Assign Students & perform Track Configuration in preparation for the start of the New School Year.

Specifications: Links to 9 Flash tutorials, each 2 - 8 minutes

For Teachers

SBRC - Mark Entry

Learn how add and/or edit marks for the Standards-Based Report Card (SBRC).

Specifications: Flash tutorial, 7 1/2 minutes, 4 MB

Thumbnail from the Using This Site Tutorial.

Gradebook Tutorials

Secondary school teachers can learn how to use Zangle Gradebook to define & score assignments, and post student letter grades.

Specifications: Links to 20 Flash tutorials, each 1-5 minutes

Thumbnail from the Using This Site Tutorial.

Taking Attendance

Attendance taking has changed! View this animated online tutorial to learn how to log in to TeacherConnection and post attendance.

Specifications: Flash, 8 minutes, 8.5 MB


General Interest Tutorials



Excel Tutorials

Learn beginning and advanced techniques in Excel and how to use it with Zangle.

Specifications: Links to 25 Flash tutorials, each 1-5 minutes

Thumbnail from the Using This Site Tutorial.

Mail Merge Tutorials

Learn about Mail Merge Document Format, merging the Main Document and Excel Files, creating Labels, and sorting & filtering.

Specifications: Links to 4 Flash tutorials, each 1-6 minutes

Thumbnail from the Using This Site Tutorial.

Using The Zangle Training Web Site

Learn how to navigate the Zangle Training web site to find handbooks & job aids, as well as how to view a list of classes and schedule yourself for training sessions.

Specifications: Flash, 1-10 minutes, 12 MB

Thumbnail from the Using This Site Tutorial.

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More Office Staff Tutorials



Adjusting Marks Settings

Learn how to adjust the mark dates and other settings in the new version of Zangle Web Administrator (formally known as PCAdmin). We recommend that you review the following text directions first.

Specifications: Flash, 2 minutes, 0.3 MB

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Quick Scheduling for Secondary Counselors

View an online demonstration of how to quickly schedule and unschedule a student using the Student Schedule Editor. Learn how to add and drop multiple classes at once.

Specifications: Flash, 5.1 minutes, 7.1 MB

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